Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lifestyle Lifters: A Heavenly Fragrance for a Worthy Cause

As most of you know, The WWRG Social Media Networks has grown to include other forms of connecting and this blog, and in particular, this segment which we call "Lifestyle Lifters" has not seen any post since 2011.

I see by the sidebar that many of you continue to log in (WOW! Five continents, and who knows how many countries!) so I want to take this opportunity to highlight a wonderful product I came across that is sure to be fashion & beauty's "next big thing"

It's a fragrance created by the Founder and President of Stop CAID Now, Lisa Moreno-Dickinson, the proceeds from the sale of which goes 100% toward helping spread awareness of this cluster of 29 auto-immune disorders affecting children, help doctor’s to properly diagnosis these children, and raise money for the cause. is currently an internationally known 501c3 non-profit organization, raising awareness for doctors and families worldwide.
Stop CAID Now Founder Lisa Moreno-Dickinson At NemacolinWoodlands Resort
 This fragrance is available in limited retail outlets, however if you would like to purchase it or make a donation to her foundation, please visit .

Respectfully yours,