Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday, April 1- Profile in Womens Courage

Despite the dire warnings of experts that the Conficker virus would create chaos within many Win-tel computers, I am, so far, unaffected. My guardian Angel has my back once again.

This week's Profile in Women's Courage post is about an angel of another kind. It has been said that "When a heart calls, an angel will answer." - Unknown. Kathy Giusti has answered the call many times. And despite her own personal challenge with Multiple Myeloma, she finds time to give hope to so many. Click here for more on Kathy and her background and efforts with MMRF.

I have also included a video of her recent CNBC Interview as part of the Harvard Business School's series, The Money Chase, on our social network site under the "Must See Vid" tab. Under the "group events" tab you will find a link to the MMRF Race for Research page. There are several scheduled for this year, and I am hoping to get many of you here in the Lower Fairfield County area to join me for the Tri-State event this summer. If we get enough to participate as a group, we can consider sponsoring a tent.

Until next post, continue to believe, achieve, receive. SDG - JBH

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