Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Road Ahead

My apologies to those of you who faithfully follow my daily blog. I took a few days off before the beginning of the new quarter to get together a plan for the next. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I believe the next few months (read quarter) are going to show us whether the economic policies of both the past and current administrations will be effective at getting our world economy back on track, or worsen an already bad situation.

This piece by a noted economist Alan Abelson in this weeks' Barron's is a must read. If what is proposed as part of a Private-Public partnership is successful at removing so called "toxic assets" from bank balance sheets, what happens next? Allegedly, this action will free up credit to new borrowers. But the number of credit-worthy individuals or companies is dwindling due to depressed spending and massive layoffs. Setting aside these "bad bets" and pretending they don't exist is just not part of the solution. The same thing can be said of the GM scenario. Now the strategy is to have an "orderly breakup" of the company by putting all the "good" assets together, and the "bad" assets into another pile, including employee pensions.

We have come to a crossroads in our history, which began as a journey in the last century with the creation on the fractional reserve banking system. We have had several debt related shocks to the system over the last 75 years, but none as potentially damaging as the creation of "financially engineered" product such as the ones AIG sold, and supposedly prudent banks, bought.

As Women of Wealth, you need to be more involved in understanding the financial capacity at your disposal. Many of you have this information kept for you through the activity and control of a spouse or trustee. You MUST get enlightened, before you are shocked by what may occur in your future. This is why I blog. And this is why I set up womenlighte.ning.com. Please use these to put yourself back in control. We are here to help you as individuals, and as a community.

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Until next post, continue to believe, achieve, receive. SDG - JBH

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