Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life Style Lifters - The New "Face" of WWRG

Many of you are no doubt wondering "where in the world is WWRG?".

Well, after a long hiatus, we are back. The time we have spent out of public view was used to plan the launch of WWRG in the fastest growing social media vehicles on the planet right now - Facebook and Twitter.

The Facebook page for WWRG may be found at

I know many of you also follow twitter, so we now have a new Face and Voice for you to follow. Her name is Evie and many of you know her as a frequent guest blogger in this Lifestyle Lifter's column.

You may follow Evie as she travels the globe to bring you the latest in Passion, Romance, and Fashion. Just go to @evieofWWRG and join in as a follower.

I also have a twitter handle - @JBHIVofWWRG. Together, we will bring you the latest happenings among our rapidly expanding global network of well-connected, and influential women.

We will continue to bring you the more "in-depth" insight through this blog. Now, however, you have the ability to access our network 24/7/356 through Twitter and Facebook and join the ranks of women that view this blog in five continents!

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