Thursday, January 20, 2011

My heart is all a flitter now that I discovered Twitter!

Ok. I admit it. Blogging is SO 2010! I've been bad about about bringing new content to this blog because I have fallen for a new love: Twitter.

I feel sort of cheap, though, virtually abandoning my faithful posting of daily insight. I take such care in crafting each day to be a theme; Monday's Motivational Makeover, Tuesday's Treasure, Wednesdays Women of Courage, Thursday's Truth, TGIF, Lifestyle Lifter's, Sunday's Sanctuary.

It turns out that I am not alone in changing direction toward the more "real-time" ways to reach an intended audience. This recent article in Crain's Chicago Business featuring Liz Strauss, professional blogger, web strategist and founder of SOBcon, an online business conference highlights a recent decline in viewership of blogs and a shift toward "Tweeting".

As Liz will tell you, blogging needs to be part of a co-ordinated business strategy that includes many elements of Social Media. It pays to get someone whose expertise is in Social Media strategy like Liz to provide a plan. There is no doubt in my mind that online social media is here to stay and poised for explosive growth in the next few years.

I can tell you that I plan to roll out several new platforms as I expand the Wealthy Women's Resource Guide to become a leading source for information and experts as they relate to you, the Woman of Affluence and Influence.

In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter (@JBHIVofWWRG). I will make sure that each new post to the blog is announced as they are posted.

You may also continue to use this blog as a reference, as I have tried to include appropriate Labels at the end of each post so that you can see a common thread or look for specific topics.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. I hope my viewers in five continents across the globe continue to tune in via Twitter. It is both an honor and a pleasure to see this network grow.

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