Friday, February 20, 2009

Privacy Policy and Affiliations

I want to clearly define my policy on access to this blog and privacy. You will never see a list of my blog followers - I have disabled this. While I encourage you to post comments, I remind you that by doing so your identity may be visible to others.

While this may be trivial to some, I have learned that Women of Wealth, and women in general, are fiercely protective of their privacy - as they should be.

You will also never see any comments from me that reference any personal conversations or correspondence between myself and any of you that I am fortunate to know.

At present, I am not affiliated with any financial institution or wealth advisory service. The opinions and recommendations I make are general in nature, and any specific investment advice is best left to your current Financial Advisor. The Recommended Resources section of this blog are people I know personally, and trust implicitly - however I cannot be responsible for their opinions or recommendations.

I take very seriously my role as Guide. I hope to gain your trust through postings that bring value to your journey as Women of Wealth, each with a unique and powerful social biography.

Until next post, continue to believe, achieve, and receive. SDG -JBHIV

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