Friday, February 20, 2009

Your First Step Forward

As you begin to build your social biography, I suggest you take time to meditate on what is truly important to you, a Woman of Wealth. For many, the answer is clear. For others, your importance has been overshadowed by the control of others - a spouse, parent or child. Perhaps your circumstances have recently changed. The wealth that was previously under the control of others has suddenly been placed in your care.

With this new capacity comes an opportunity to match it with your Moral Compass - an array of purposes, aspirations, and long-term goals to which you devote this capacity. As a wealth holder you have the capacity, the power, to shape the lives of others. Your wealth makes you a "world-builder". And with that comes tremendous responsibility, because that capacity has the potential to have a very positive effect, or a profoundly negative one. The greater the capacity, the more attention needs to be placed on how to use these resources wisely.

As a first step, you must clarify what in terms of financial, intellectual, and spiritual resources you have to put into play. This process of discernment, from a financial perspective, is all about figuring out how financially secure you are. So, at the most basic level, you are figuring out your resource stream both now and in the future, as well as the income stream you desire for yourself and your children. It sounds intuitive, but many women don't have a clear, realistic picture of that - and until they do, they feel stagnant, insecure, and even fearful about what they could use their money for because they have never really clarified just how much they have and their intention for its future.

If what I have laid out for you in this post resonates with you, please let me know. In future posts I will build upon this foundation. Ultimately, this is a process that first brings a consciousness, an awareness, a clarity to what you have, and then, secondly, a consciousness as to what you want to do with it.

Until then, continue to believe, achieve, and receive. SDG - JBHIV

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