Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sanctuary Sunday - A New Saint for Bold Women

Yesterday marked the end of the 6th edition of the Women's Forum 2010 which was held in Deauville, France. By all accounts, this was the most exciting and well attended event in its short but significant history.

I hope all of the women in my network that were able to attend now find themselves safely back home, no doubt energized, but perhaps exhausted! I also hope that those of you who had to settle for "virtual attendance" at this year's event through viewing blogs such as WWRG, will plan to go to the next installment in Fall 2011.

Another significant event happened yesterday in the ever widening world of women's influence.

Australia received its first Catholic Saint, and she is woman! This event may not be as significant to those of you who live on other continents. But for my friends and the Faithful in Australia, this is cause for joy and jubilation.

Her name is Mother Mary MacKillop.

Born in 1842, MacKillop grew up in poverty as the first of eight children of Scottish immigrants. She moved to the sleepy farming town of Penola in southern Australia to become a teacher, inviting the poor and the Aborigines of the area to attend free classes in a six-room stable.

She co-founded her order, the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, with the goal of serving the poor, the sick and the disadvantaged, particularly through education.

I encourage you to read more about her and the five other Saints also canonized yesterday by following this link.

Enjoy your Sanctuary today, wherever it may be. Please reach out this week to someone living in poverty. Find a way to help educate children who live in disadvantaged areas. Saint Mary MacKillop thanks you.

And so do I.

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