Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday's Truth - Women and Private Banking

As many of you know (or can find out by clicking on my picture in the sidebar), I have experience in Private and Investment Banking, at both start-ups, and Majors.

Part of the reason I got involved with this industry in the first place, was to learn and apply the knowledge I gained in these organizations, to issues concerning Women of Wealth. This Blog is an outreach to this group, and came about because my research indicates that better than half of the world's wealth is controlled by women, and over 80% of household purchases are made by them, as well.

What has been lacking, in my opinion, is a true "personal, all-women oriented" alternative to Private Banking. The following article from brings up some good points regarding Private Banks, many of which I agree with based on my experience in the business.

The truth is, women invest differently than men. They also like to have not only personal services, but truly private ones, for no other reason that in an age where identity theft and social networks are both increasing in number, it just makes sense.

I have some recommendations for those of you who are currently seeking Private Banking Services, or any personal services for that matter. Please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss.

I now count among my extended staff a Personal Assistant/Concierge, and a Personal Trainer/Chauffeur/Bodyguard (yes, they really do all three!).

Women of Wealth have the means to make a difference in the world and establish a legacy for generations of women to come .

But they must be careful with whom they place their trust to help them get there.

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