Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Women of Courage - Kathryn McManus

In an industry that has been largely male-dominated for the better part of the last 50 years, Kathryn McManus has created a name for herself by doing what women do best - work hard, be authentic, never give up!

In 2008, she took the first of several courageous steps and left behind a successful career at CNN, where she headed up their Japanese Business Unit, to form NewsCertified, an online service free to independent or newsroom-based journalists, featuring an array of certified interview-ready sources in more than 1,000 specialty areas.

Today, her hard work and dedication has borne fruit, and is helping other women find work in a new environment where traditional news organizations have closed bureaus around the world.

In a recent interview in Displaced Journalists, an online community for journalists in transition, Kathryn told Founder Susan Older "As a journalist, I would receive hundreds of solicitations a day from organizations highlighting story ideas and experts that I would promptly delete,” says McManus. “Then when I needed someone, I would scramble, trying to find ‘interview-ready’ experts (not generalists) who could comment. The solution seemed so easy: a database of certified ‘interview-ready’ experts that the media can draw from when the need arises.”

This is truly a win-win for all. The courage to make it happen and the work to keep it on an upward path is yet another one of the many women-led business success stories that visionaries like Kathryn are writing every day.

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