Saturday, May 22, 2010

Evie Evangelou - Lifestyle Lifter Extraordinaire!

Seldom does one encounter a muse, a true "living doll", and a genuine kindred spirit, all in the same person. But what sounds like an impossible combination, is real.

Her name is Evie Evangelou.

Evie has devoted her exhuberant career to the international arena of cultural diplomacy, she has been the face of and international spokes-model for beauty and fashion enterprises, has championed the careers of artists from around the globe in fashion & beauty, visual and performing arts, and has spearheaded diverse creative ventures & projects in fashion, entertainment, the arts and philanthropic causes.

Evie's most current venture is EvieVision, a multi-media platform and web-based network that will syndicate and reach an initial audience of more than one million upscale viewers, with the goal of reaching multi-millions throughout the world.

EvieVision infuses meaning through romance, fashion, passion, multi-cultural awareness, meaningful living, feminity, etiquette, social graces, and intrigue - with audio-visual content, products and services, real-world adventures experience planning and philanthropy. And, oh yes, she has really has her own doll - in her own image. Find out more when you visit her website.

I'll have more on Evie in a later Lifestyle Lifter's post.

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