Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Woman of Courage - 85 Broads Founder, Janet Hanson

In my post last Wednesday announcing the re-launch of the WWRG blogsite I mentioned my affiliation with the 85 Broads organization, a global and exclusive women's network, and my honorary membership as one of the first "Guys Who Rock".

I also promised to bring back the Wednesday's Woman of Courage post that spotlights the efforts of one or more courageous and visionary women from across the globe.

Since my loyal followers now come from 13 countries and 4 continents, it is only fitting that I honor today a woman whose efforts through 85 Broads have resulted in a membership of over 22,000 women (and a handful of men) in 82 countries.

I am speaking of Janet Hanson - Wall Street legend, Author, Entrepreneur, Cancer Survivor, Mother, and Friend.

Her accomplishments are too numerous for me to give to you so I encourage you to read a recent interview of Janet by another 85 Broads member, Ana Lueneburger.

In her book, More Than 85 Broads, Janet delivers a powerful message - "Partnership is everything in life".

I couldn't agree with her more.

I encourage you to join the 85 Broads network and participate in your local chapter's events. I hope to see you at one of them.

Until then, remember to believe, achieve, receive. SDG JBHIV

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