Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fast Forward

It has been exactly one year and one month since my last post. My, how time flies when one is relentlessly pursuing their passion!

As you know, I had to give up my blogging as part of my employment at a major Private Wealth Bank. My tenure there was an unbelievably exciting experience and afforded my an opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest this industry can offer.

It also put me in contact with some of the wealthiest and most powerful women and men on the planet.

But now I am back. Back to my roots, and my core mission: to help women of wealth create their unique "social biography", and begin to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, for themselves and those around them.

We are living in an age where women and men must make a co-investment today in order to assure a bright future for both genders in the future.

In my opinion, no other group gets this more than the 85 Broads co-founded by Janet Hanson and other ex-Goldman Sachs executives as a means of keeping connected. From it's humble beginnings, it has grown to include over 22,000 women from all around the world.

I am honored to have been recently selected as one of their "Guys Who Rock" honorary members. I encourage all of you to consider joining this group as it will connect you with the brightest and most committed group of women I have ever encountered.

I look forward to having an opportunity to reconnect with all of my faithful followers now that I have fast forwarded back to the digital age. Technology has made it possible to bring new relationships to bear to solve age old problems. I hope you consider this blog a forum for connecting the many dots that make up our "dot com" society.

Please look for the return of my regular Wednesday's Women of Courage post beginning next week along with Saturday's Life Style Lifters post which will feature great tips on living well and enjoying it more.

Until then, remember to believe, achieve, receive. SDG, JBHIV

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