Saturday, May 29, 2010

Special Guest Blogger - Evie on Revealing Yourself

JBHIV: I am pleased that Evie has agreed to fill my shoes today. Last Saturday's Lifestyle Lifter column featured her and the response was literally off-the-charts. Evie will be guest blogging every Saturday so tune in again next week!

As a model/spokesperson for beauty companies, my photographs were featured in several magazines published to provide women with information about beauty, well-being and lifestyle through editorial content imbued with sensuality, glamour, passion, romance, fashion and all the deep wishes and emotions that women carry within their hearts. It was then that I met a very talented and creative writer/photographer/filmmaker/all around…………….amazingly artistic woman. Her name is Amber Roniger. She listened to my thoughts, my desires, my inner voice speaking and was inspired to write the poem/story “ Reveal Yourself “ to accompany my images in Dare Magazine a publication distributed to mainly women beauty executives/professionals. Amber in now partner and creative director of EvieVision. Stay tuned for more PASSION ROMANCE FASHION COMING SOON… till then…. Enjoy Life and Reveal the “ Je ne sais quoi” within you for all to see !!!!! Evie

Your inner voice whispers, reveal yourself...

Disrobe, unclothe, wash away enmity
Create blissful reality
Scrub your soul shiny clean
Dig in, find true meaning

Strip down to your primal core
And build yourself up again
Unblock, unclog, unfetter, unwind
Boundless, borderless, without time

Be a sassy, brassy broad
Strut your stuff
Get noticed
Be bold, be proud, walk tall
Be a woman

Embrace inner adventure
Exfoliate your essence
Exude blinding courage
Elevate your confidence
Announce your presence


Revel in forgotten dreams
Unearth buried treasures
Retrieve mystic knowledge of ages
Buried deep in the enclaves of your breathless, restless soul

Dust off your creativity
Unveil your unique-y freaky self

Nurture your nature
Love your faults
Flaunt your flaws
Face yourself
Surprise the world
Challenge perceptions
Shine intelligence


Be righteous, strong, serene
Discover your complexity
Re-negotiate your identity
Emanate harmony

Suck the marrow
Close your eyes
Be the sunrise

Flourish and nourish the genius within
Which is all knowing

Follow your guide
Through your third eye
Aye and Aye, Adonai
Exude life

Be your own goddess, Shekinah, Shiva
Dreamer becomes believer
Lifelong journey, spirit guides
Take you in your dreams and fly
Now open your eyes

Electron rider
Soul searcher
Spirit quest
Your very best

Seize the day
Hallelujah, amen

Born again

Deep flavor, soulful behavior
Own it
Know it
Show it
Womanish and lovin' it!

Will yourself into being
Lucid dreaming
Loving, being

Lavish thyself
Learn thyself
Love thyself

Reveal Yourself

© 2009 Dare, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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