Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Expanding Your Brand

Many of you are very successful at what you do. Whether through hard work, circumstance, or sheer luck, you have arrived at a place many only dream of.

You are a Woman of Wealth. You have already been placed in a position of power. Your social biography is being written and read by many.

And you are your own Brand.

Very few are aware of the magnitude by which we control, and yes, can leverage ME, Inc. There is constant competition for your mental mindshare - brands looking to get your attention so as to generate new business or consumption.

How is your brand perceived? What is it's value to you and those around you? How can you bring more value to your brand and create a meaningful social biography in the process?

I will have some information for you in this Thursday's post, so check back. And please look for Wednesday's Women of Courage post tomorrow. It will feature a woman who has created her own personal brand by breaking a lot of glass - ceiling, that is!

Until then, remember to believe, achieve, receive. SDG, JBHIV

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