Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Motivational Makeover - The Total Package

A few months ago, my colleague and fellow 85 Broads member, Evie wrote a guest blog featuring another 85 Broads member and friend, Dr. Shirley Madhere.

Shirley, Evie, and I attended the UN Millennium Development Goals Awards event in NYC last evening. Among the presenters were former super model Christie Brinkley and Actor, Country Music singer, John Schneider.

The Grand Ballroom was packed with dignitaries, celebrities, and CEO's, many of them women. Gloria Gaynor sang her signature disco anthem " I will survive". During this, there were literally women dancing in the isles.

What struck me the most was the energy in the room. Also striking were the men and women who attended.

Ageless is not just a concept anymore - it is reality!

Both Christie and John did not look their biological ages. I credit this to a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and good nutrition.

I discussed this with Shirley, a noted Plastic Surgeon. She agrees, and in fact her practice is centered around a "holistic" approach to anti-aging.

Another thing that struck me. Men are beginning to take an interest in re-vitalizing their youth. Shirley said that she has a number of high-profile male clients who want to look younger to " compete with younger men (and women)" who are increasingly rising to the top of companies and organizations.

I encourage you to take time today to think through what a makeover - physical or attitudinal - would do for you.

Keep in mind, though, that working on one, without paying attention to the other, will limit your outcome and your appearance.

Shirley is working on a book on this very subject and as soon as it is available, you will all be the first to know!

In the meantime, I hope to get her to do an occasional guest blog so we can begin our Total package Makeover ASAP!

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