Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's Women of Courage - Jane Doe No More

I have the honor of serving on the Board of the Jane Doe No More Organization, whose mission is to improve the way society responds to victims of sexual assault.

It was founded by Donna Palomba, whose courageous story has been featured on NBC Dateline. She was also featured in another of our Wednesday's Women of Courage posts last June.

At JDNM, we are working hard to shorten the time between crime and healing for victims for sexual assault. What began as a local effort, has now grown to an international one. A video, Duty Trumps Doubt, is in the final stages of production, and will be presented to the International Chiefs of Police Conference in Orlando, Fla. next month. This film will help law enforcement better handle evidence at the crime scene, and sensitize them to the need for compassion toward the victim.

Our website,, contains many ways to get involved through various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Please consider joining us in our mission. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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