Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure - If clothes make YOUR man, then Michael Reslan makes his clothes!

In yesterday's Monday Motivational Makeover post, I talked about how anti-aging is the new fashion statement, especially for men looking to regain their competitive edge vis-a-vis their younger colleagues. I also mentioned that the event drew a crowd of A-listers from around the globe, and a variety of fashionistas each making their statement and drawing from their local cultures and talented designers.

Among the fashion world's movers and shakers seated at our table was Michael Reslan. Reslan recently opened a 15th floor showroom at 689 Fifth Avenue with amazing artwork, hand-crafted Italian furnishings and spectacular views of Manhattan.

Within this elegant space he offers his "Who's Who" list of clients a private, discreet, yet sophisticated environment which he has learned from over 27 years experience in the High-End Clothing industry is what sets his offering apart from the rest .

As he so aptly puts it " space + privacy = luxury"

I encourage you to share some time with your BMF and go enjoy some wine and cheese in his Tuscan-inspired outdoor garden.

If you are both too busy, Reslan will bring his line to your home or office. He reiterates, “This is not a store, it’s a private shopping experience.”

And one well worth it, I might add!

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