Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's Motivational Makeover featuring Tess

Angels Among Us

I had lunch with an angel the other day.

He looked like a normal being….skin, hair, arms…legs…..there was no white robe or halo…or gold dust shimmering about his shoulders.

But he was an angel.

I know this because when I left his company, I was vibrating at a frequency that is not of this world.. I was changed. His company left me in touch with the possibility of my unique contribution and specialness as well as an unprecedented responsibility to myself to cultivate it.

Sometimes you meet people that prove there is more depth to this existence than otherwise meets the eye. You never expect it or go looking for it and it just happens all of the sudden ….serendipity reveals itself. You may have only known them briefly yet there is a profound current of understanding that creates a synapse that cannot be discarded without deliberation.

Life can become routine and predictable. We salt and pepper it with drama and activities that enhance or complicate, but for the most part, life is regular. Occasionally, I’m present enough or aware enough to see the subtle nuance of evidence that there is more to this passage than we are taught to believe or conditioned to accept.

Although a rare occurrence, angels masquerading as people walk into our direct path and courageously guide us to the next level of consciousness. You may or may not want to take the direction suggested, but you know at a spirit level, it is time for you to grow and permission is granted to believe in the magic. Free will allows choice.

Just for today, suspend disbelief. Honor your gifts and your worth and trust that the world wants what is uniquely yours to offer. Be awake enough to identify the angels among us and surrender your doubt, if only for a moment, that there is a sentience both intellectual and emotional that receives serendipity and offers it to you as the pieces of your puzzle fall into place and create the life of your dreams.

What’s in your life is what you choose, choose consciously and powerfully.


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