Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's Truth - Truth or Dare?

Truth or dare is a popular game played by children and adults in which a choice is presented to the "contestant".

Choose Truth, and you must answer honestly the question posed. Choose Dare, and you must carry out the scenario presented to you.

In Monday's Motivational Makeover, Tess presented her case for why honesty is so important in the context of human relationships. I'd like to take this discussion a step further to include the word trust, a inexplicably linked building block in any relationship.

Let's put Trust into the context of the Truth or Dare game. The questioner must put her trust in the one being questioned that the answer given is truthful. This takes a certain amount of faith in the respondent and confidence in their honesty. As Tess discussed, there are certain non-verbal ques that make such discernment evident - eye contact, facial expression, tone of voice to mention a few.

Trust is earned. Trust must be an expectation. Trust must be verified.

And Truth must not be compromised. I dare you to make today the day you begin to live your life honestly, truthfully, and without compromise. You also have a right, and yes, an obligation, to demand this of others.

And yes, sometimes Truth hurts. But the scenario that will result by a lack of honesty is often far worse.

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