Friday, July 9, 2010

TGIF - In case you missed it...

..this past Wednesday was Chocolate Day. If you are a chocoholic like me, everyday is chocolate day!

And in keeping with my late mother's wishes, I try to eat at least one serving a day, because yes, according, the cocoa plant is actually a vegetable!

My fav is from Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland. I am lucky enough to be within a train ride of their store on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Although expensive, their signature line of Champagne Truffles are to die for.

This delectable delight combines two of the most powerful weapons in Cupid's Arsenal -chocolate and "the bubbly".

These are available via online order, so while it may be too late to enjoy them this weekend, there is always a backup plan - click here, make your selection from this list of "Tete de Cuvee" champagnes, then head to your nearest wine emporium. On your way there, pick up some dark chocolate from this list wherever you can find it, and a romantic novel.

Then spend an evening getting re-acquainted with the person you should treat the best - YOU!
Tune in tomorrow for Lifestyle Lifter's featuring Evie and her brand of Passion, Romance, Fashion!

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