Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure - Red Roses

You may notice a change in the look of the WWRG blogsite today. I have added a background featuring a bevy of red roses!

Few flowers are more recognizable and universally loved. The Catholic Rosary allegedly derives its name from the Latin term for rose garden, "Rosarium" and later, "garland of roses". Christian legend tells of a monk who made a garland of 150 roses each day as an offering to the Virgin Mary. Later, the monk substituted 150 prayers for the flowers. For his piety, he was presented with a rosary of 150 beads by a “beautiful glowing woman.”

What would be nicer than to have Red Roses delivered every day? A box of chocolates, perhaps.

I wish I had the ability to give all of you, my faithful viewers, a real box of chocolates and a dozen roses. After all, there is so much to treasure in a relationship, whether intimate or distant. I truly appreciate each and everyone that I know and look forward to meeting those who are " friends I know but have never met". Tess touched upon our need to act "civilized" toward each other in her blog yesterday. Slow down your pace and greet another with a genuine desire to understand them, not just with a glancing blow or a hollow "hello".

Take time today to smell my "virtual roses". Cherish the ones you love and do something special for them. Treasure the moments you spend with them.

Be respectful, be nice, be there for them in their hour of need.

But most of all, be true to thyself. Remember that to the world, you may be one person. but to one person, you may be the world.

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