Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday's Motivational Makeover featuring Tess

Drag coefficient.

(yes, I’m following up a blog entry on discomfort with one on drag coefficient. Thank you for noticing).

This term kept coming to mind all week long.

The technical definition of drag coefficient is a dimensionless quantity that is used to quantify the drag or resistance of an object in a fluid environment.

Regardless of what it technically means, it was my metaphor for the week.

How much drag coefficient have I either created or allowed into my life? If it is true that we have a set amount of energy and we spend it like we spend our money, when it is gone, it is gone.

I haven’t spent enough time taking care of my wellbeing lately. My work hasn’t been enjoyable, I’m not getting enough quality sleep, I’m drinking too much wine, I’m worrying about some things, I’m trying to see too many people and squeezing in too many networking meetings, I’ve added a couple little projects to my list, I’ve added a couple larger projects to my list, I’ve taken on clients that don’t have a set routine, I’m not exercising, the toilet broke, the a/c was dead for 3 and ½ days last week …I may have been retaining water so my clothes were uncomfortable…need I continue…

Bite by bite, I have added so many things to my life that it isn’t fun at this pace. Normally I recognize this before I hit a wall, have a meltdown, or get too much of my agitation all over everyone else in my world. This time it took a little longer to tap me on the shoulder….maybe I just didn’t notice the tap… it took an elbow to the side of the head to get it (literally, I took an elbow to the head last week when I was out country dancing at the Broken Spoke. It left me seeing stars for a minute). Ok! Got my attention.

Being an advocate for quality of life and balance, I fully expect myself to notice when the walls start closing in and I can’t breathe. Not this time. I got to experience all of the frustration, upset and ensuing embarrassment that comes along with being in my own little free fall party for an entire week or two….even when I mentioned to those close to me that I was feeling stressed and anxious some time back.

Well, time to clean this up. Going to take an inventory today and see where I can clean house and organize my thoughts. See where I’m hemorrhaging energy and install some energy efficient measures.

How much drag coefficient are you operating with in your life? Has it been there for so long that you don’t even recognize the toll it is taking? What it the cost of continuing to live this way? Peace? Laughter? Health? Quality of life? Happy relationships?

Next week ….a sexy topic, I promise!

What’s in your life is what you choose, choose consciously and powerfully!

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