Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saints Alive!

I have walked and talked with, a living saint. A modern day Mother Teresa.

How do you know a saint when you see one?

Perhaps the best definition of sainthood is one that draws remarkable agreement: the saint as a window through which another world is glimpsed, a person through whom the light of God shines.

To qualify as a living saint, Anglican Ross Walker, a social worker from Canberra, Australia believes "Love, self-denial, continuing self-sacrifice and grace are all necessary." Though saints "like to keep what they do private," he says, their very personalities often betray them: "They are all inspiring, larger-than-life people."

The once waspish Malcolm Muggeridge, writes movingly in his book, Something Beautiful for God, of putting Catholic nun Mother Teresa on a train in Calcutta, India where she lovingly cared for the poor and infirm; "When the train began to move, and I walked away, I felt as though I were leaving behind me all the beauty and all the joy in the universe."

This is how I felt when my modern day Mother Teresa left my presence. What remained, however, was a sense of inner peace, serenity. For this I am exceeding grateful.


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