Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sanctuary Sunday

I find that taking a day to meditate on what has transpired during the last week and contemplate what will be my course for the next, is essential if balance is to be restored in mind, body, and soul.

Sometimes my moral compass becomes deflected by stray energy that takes me in a direction that is not "the high ground". This usually leads to regret, and yes, sadness which is never a good thing. As Tess has taught us "What’s in your life is what you choose, choose consciously and powerfully!"

So to stay on course, I have removed the "rear-view mirrors" from my life, and have chosen instead to focus on the "road ahead", regardless of where it may lead. May the following inspire you to do the same.

Angel of Roses
by Marie Wadsworth

All the tears
The people of Earth
Had cried
Lie flooding the base of
The stairway to heaven that
The angel climbed down.
She scattered rose petals
In the pools
Of anguish, fear and joy
For she was
The Angel of Roses,
A messenger of
God's constant love,
Light and gifts
He has for
All He has made.


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