Sunday, August 29, 2010

Celebrities, Philanthropies,Charities - Jacki Zehner

I would be remiss in not mentioning the recent change of "virtual venue" by one of my favorite Gal Pals and fellow 85 Broads member, Jacki Zehner.

Coupled with a physical change in venue, Jacki now continues her popular blog as part of her namesake website, Her previous blog posts from have been ported over so none of her brilliant insight and true humanity will be lost.

For those of us who have seen Jacki grow into one of the world's most powerful women on Wall Street, this is a very welcome step. Take a look at her latest op-ed piece for a taste of how committed she is to action and not just words. When Jacki speaks, it is with a strong voice calling for Women's Equality.

Few know that Jacki and her husband, an ordained minister, are supporters of many causes through the Zehner Family Foundation. Both of them are retired Goldman Sachs partners, Jacki having been the youngest woman and the first trader to be invited into the partnership.

I know from firsthand experience that with this couple, family comes first. And despite their wealth, they know that stewardship of Time, Talent, and Treasure are the most important lessons to be learned, and the most difficult to live by.

For a great list of upcoming global women's events (maybe you will be lucky enough to catch Jacki at one!) click here.

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  1. John I am so touched by this post. Thank you and God Bless... Jacki