Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday's Women of Courage - Kathy McShane

I believe that the strength of the human spirit is the single most important element of success. Much of who I am and where I am today I owe to my determination to transcend my physical challenges, and press on regardless.

Today's Woman of Courage is Kathy McShane. Kathy has had considerable success in the world of business. And despite a physical handicap, her busy lifestyle is a testament to how mind over matter can drive the human spirit to accomplish incredible things.

Currently a Marketing Director for Ladies Who Launch, a global organization of women who are entrepreneurs, Kathy was also CEO and Founder of The Kendrew Group, LTD. She also helped launch various consumer and bank card products for AT&T, Chemical Bank (now Chase Manhattan), Mastercard International, and Visa USA.

Her numerous awards include a "Mark Award" for HBO, a "Small Business Award of Honor" given by Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO, and a CBS News Radio "Small Business Hero" Award.

Kathy is also a mother, wife, and a supporter of many causes. And like most women, she has had to accomplish all of this while proving to the world that the right man for the job - is a woman!

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