Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Motivational Makeover featuring Tess


Indulge yourself. You deserve it.

You are running through life, taking care of others, working late hours, juggling more details every day, chasing your tail, burning the candle at both ends, cleaning up messes, fixing the car, scheduling, preparing, mothering, daughtering, planning for the future…thinking, thinking, thinking …living in your head.

Just for today…indulge yourself.

See, hear, feel, taste, touch, smell.

Here is a practice guide to be used as a template. By all means, customize it to suit your personal preferences.

What if you could enjoy an entire day just for you? What would it take?

Do it.

Don’t even think about why you can’t, just do it. Loan the kids out to grandma or a friend, take a personal business day at work, cross everything off the list and just get back into your own skin. Again….get back into your own skin.


Breathe again

Breathe deeply this time. Close your eyes and actually feel that breath going into you body. Your cells will start to tingle a little bit. Your body is an amazing machine and it asks so little of you usually. It gets up everyday and goes with so little attention. We somehow think that caring for ourselves is selfish instead of necessary….vital.

Feed it today. Feel it today. Indulge it today. Mind, body and spirit.

Light your favorite candles…the ones you’ve been saving because they are special. You’re special, so you can light them today.

Make a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. You have time to sip today.

Put on some easy music.

Draw yourself a bubble bath and marinate in the bubbly until your fingertips are wrinkly like when you were a kid.

Drench your body in coconut oil or your favorite lotion. Notice all of your beautiful curves and angles. Appreciate this amazing body.

Walk around naked…for that matter, dance around naked.

Put on something velvet or silk and feel it against your soft fresh skin. Really, feel it.

Take yourself to lunch and order something decadent. Order a little drinkypoo. It’s your day. Languish and enjoy the attention and the service. Take your time.


Get a massage.

Buy yourself flowers. Splurge on the peonies or the orchids. Smell as many gorgeous little buds as you can while there.

Don’t forget to keep breathing…..deeply.

Say nice things to yourself (especially when you’re getting out of the bathtub and you catch a glimpse of that ….that…..that….hail damage). “Love what is” …just for today.

Notice life going on around you.

Dangle your feet in a puddle, pond or pool.

Buy your favorite dessert and let it melt on your tongue bite by bite.

Be present.


Paint your toenails..or have a pedicure…or just get those little gems massaged. They argue little and we torture them so.

Those of you whom are laughing at the notion of taking a sensuality day…….are the ones who need it the most! Stop resisting.


Go to your favorite market and select a delicious and healthy dinner for later.

Take a nap on fresh sheets.


Take some quality time with your lover.


Make love.

Add other ingredients to taste.

What’s in your life is what you choose, choose consciously and powerfully!

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