Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Motivational Makeover - Innovate, Motivate, or get out of the way!

JBHIV: Tess is taking a much deserved break from this blog. Check back next week for more of her insights into Life, Love, and enjoying them to the fullest extent possible.

The sub-title of today's blog post is a play on the popular phrase "Lead, Follow, or get out of the way".

As Women of Wealth, you have the capacity to affect the world around you in so many ways. And yet I hear so many of you voice the opinion that " what I do really doesn't count ".

Innovation is a catch phrase for anything from product development to paradigm shifts. Finding a creative solution to a complex problem can be innovative. Getting those around you to join in the effort requires motivation.

I have added a new section to the sidebar of the WWRG blog. It contains video of some innovators, and motivators that I know are the best in their respective fields. These short films should give you some insight into what is possible. Each of these individuals are passionate about what they do.

They believe in themselves and that what they do DOES count. So take a step out of the shadow of a significant other, or parent, or anyone who is a negative influence.

Look for ways to educate yourself. Read about others that have had success (please use a Zinio-powered e-reader - and save a tree of two in the process!).

Lead, Innovate, Motivate, and get out in front! Our Planet will benefit, and you will be counted on, not counted out!

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