Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday's Truth - Think Globally, Act Globally

As many of you know, I spent a considerable amount of my childhood traveling with my family. Perhaps the most impressionable years during this period were spent in Asia, predominately Manila and Tokyo.

My father, an executive with a global information technology firm, had access to virtually any hotel available when he traveled throughout Asia.

Inevitably, he chose a Peninsula Hotel.

If memory serves, we have stayed on more than one occasion at:

The Peninsula Hong Kong - We had several Christmas celebrations here as it was my late Mother's favorite shopping destination!

The Peninsula Bangkok - during a global tour that included Malaysia, Taiwan, the Middle East, and Europe.

The Peninsula Manila - built after our time, but I frequently recommend it to clients and business associates that travel there.

The Peninsula New York - We stayed here on our trips back to the States each year.

I only wish there had been a Peninsula property in Hawaii. It was a frequent stopover when flying Cathay Pacific across the Pacific Ocean. Our family had to settle for the Honolulu Hilton.

I was recently reminded of what differentiates a truly grand hotel from a merely great one during a recent visit to the Peninsula New York.

As many of you know, I love a high tea served in grand style and have enjoyed meeting many of my friends and clients there when they visit NYC. It is no wonder that regardless of which Peninsula property you visit, the level of service and comfort are consistent. The luxury of the surroundings is without compare.

Few know, however, that the Peninsula group of hotels is also one of the most socially responsible.

Their Corporate Sustainability Vision is outlined on their website as follows:

"HSH aspires to manage its businesses and operations to high ethical and social responsibility standards as a leading hotel and property group. We are committed to integrating sustainable practices and principles across our operations in a balanced way whilst providing an exceptional level of service to our customers."

I am so looking forward to the opening of the Peninsula Paris in 2012. Formerly the Majestic Hotel and the French Foreign Ministries Centre International de Conferences, it is currently undergoing a fifty million Euro redevelopment. As many of you know, Paris is one of the venues I have selected for a future WWRG Retreat.

As Women of Wealth, I know that social responsibility is high on your list of priorities. Many of you have made a conscious decision to support organizations and brands that "walk the talk".

And you also know how committed I am to raising awareness among my network when I come across those that share our values.

Next time you choose to stay at a Peninsula property, rest assured that both you and our Planet are in good hands.

Or should I say "White Gloves".

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