Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure - Kashwere U

With the end of summer approaching, and many of our young returning to college, it's time to break out the warmer clothing as Fall slides in behind it.

And I cannot think of a better way to stay warm and show school spirit than to wear a half-zip hoodie with your team logo from Kashwere U.

Kashwere U was founded in 2009 by Kimberly Appelt, Kimberly Connors, Boyd Harden, Kerry O'Dea and Peter Seltzer. Their commitment as owners is to offer a more fashion-forward, aspirational and unique line of collegiate gear.

Kashwere's unique fabric is a favorite among Hollywood Celebrities, including Oprah, Dr. Phil, and sports figures such as Shaquille O'Neill.

Your corporate logo or that of a non-profit can be made into Kashwere U product, and is a great way to promote a cause or brand.

This business is yet another example of how a simple idea, combined with a new technology, can quickly grow into a multinational, multicultural phenomenon.

Once again, a women-conceived, women-led venture rises up to prove that anything is possible if you follow your dream and persevere.

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