Wednesday, March 18, 2009

F.E.A.R. or F.A.C.T

I heard a statistic on an AM news program this morning that on it's surface, is quite disturbing. The number quoted was 345. No, I am not speaking of the millions paid out in the AIG bonus controversy. This is allegedly the number of known conflicts (on-going wars, border skirmishes, standoffs, etc) that are being tracked. Coincidentally, this is the same number used by Sweet Briar College to designate their Govt 345 course titled " International Conflict Resolution". It is also the number of times the papers of Prof. Allan Stam, Dartmouth, have been sited in scholarly discussions of Armed Conflict..

When I first heard the news report this morning, my first reaction was one of fear. Not "stop in your tracks" paralyzing fear, but "pause for threat assessment" fear. Then I snapped to my senses. I realized that this is just another instance of False Evidence Appearing Real. How can anyone really track ALL the worlds conflicts with any degree of accuracy. And just as the media has created a false sense of how bad our current financial crisis is, citing statistics that boggle the mind and seem to change almost daily, taking too much stock in them just creates further Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt (FUD).

I'd rather see more of the behaviour I have seen Women of Wealth, and indeed, Women in general exhibit during tough times - Females Act Courageously Too. Over the next few weeks, I will dedicate my Wednesday post to female "profiles in courage". I hope it will serve as inspiration to the many of you who still believe that they are "the weaker vessel". The creation of Financial Independence coupled with a strong Moral Compass can create a Social Biography very much like the Women I will profile.

Take time today to think about how YOU react to F.E.A.R, and choose F.A.C.T-based living, instead.

Until next post, continue to Believe, Achieve, Receive. SDG- JBHIV

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