Monday, March 23, 2009

Heard on the (Main) Street

Here is a link to a recent article in the Financial Times regarding the current economic crisis and the future of Capitalism. Many of you have indicated to me that the real value of this blog lies in my mission to educate and enlighten Women of Wealth on current topics such as this, so that they can use this information and insight to further develop their social biography and begin to become active in helping solve some of the challenges we face as families, communities, and nations. It is also why I have been working on and will soon launch, a Social Network specifically for the purpose of enlightening our rapidly growing group, and getting them involved, if only to observe and become aware.

There is nothing wrong with "passive" behaviour. In the Southwest, there is a plentiful supply of the Agave plant. This is also known as "the century plant" because it can remain dormant for decades after germination, and then all of a sudden shoot up to several feet in height and begin to flower. Use this blog and the Social Network to follow others more actively engaged. Then, like the Agave, make your move!

I was at a social event in our local community that has been called one of the most affluent in America. Several women I spoke with who knew of my blog, asked me to comment on the latest economic news - AIG, Treasury moves, etc. I was surprised by the number of those who said they had only recently begun to read the financial newspapers like FT WSJ, etc. I was also surprised, and encouraged, by how many of them were truly passionate (concerned, angry) about what was happening in their own lives as result of the many "bad bets" as Pres. Obama said in his Sat AM address to the nation. made by Banks, and other financial institutions. I looked across the room and saw several of their spouses fixated on the NCAA March Madness games, and discussing their "brackets" (essentially a form of betting on the outcome of the tournaments). Here, in one small venue, was a microcosm of why we have arrived at such a dark and potentially socially devastating time in our History. Women gathered together and voicing concern for their families and future, men looking at the world as a playing field where "winning at all cost" defines their very being. We should be engaging our partners in conversations around planning for the worst, but expecting the best for our families. Unfortunately, too many women are unaware of what their financial capacity is, and have left this to others (spouses, parents, Financial Advisors).

The cost of "the end justifies the means" frequently requires a breach of Trust. This is where Women of Wealth can rise above, and why they are increasingly angry. Trust your intuition. Join the new Enlightenment phase that will save a child, community, corporation, or country. This is not fun and games, and the stakes have never been higher.

Until next post, continue to believe, achieve, receive. SDG -JBHIV

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