Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's About Your Purpose, Not Your Purse!

I believe that many of my Women of Wealth blog followers are also Women of Faith. My personal belief system has evolved over decades of trial and error. I credit the "2-4-9" system that has come formed as a framework by which I live and serve Humanity. In last Sunday's post, I spoke about Virtue. The other "V" in the "2" numeral of the system is Values- Truth, Dignity, Selflessness. The "4D's" are Discernment, Dedication, Determination, Devotion. The "9P's" are Purpose (Mission) Passion, Planning (Preparation), Priority, Proximity (Human Touches), Persistence, Prevail.
What is your Purpose? If you are a Woman of Wealth, today might be a good day to think about that. What are you Passionate about? If the answer is unclear, then that hollow feeling you've had lately may need to be filled. Read a good book, such as Daisy Soros' "As I Remember It", or the Koran, or the Bible. Put together a Project - to help a friend, child, or pet - that leverages the social and financial capacity you have as a "World Changer"
Today, reach out to someone you DON'T know, with a smile, a touch, a gift. Let your faith in yourself, others, and a "Higher Power" shine through.

Until next post, continue to believe, achieve, receive. SDG - JBHIV

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