Wednesday, March 4, 2009


What a great word this is. If you de-construct it, there are two very positive, smaller words, but equally as powerful: Revel. Elation. I had a revelation yesterday that I will share with you on Sunday's post, but suffice it to say that the feeling I had when I was given this insight, was beyond explanation. Joy is perhaps the closest word.

When is the last time you experienced real Joy in your life? For me, it was long overdue. The constant drumbeat of negative economic news has a way of dampening spirits. I am starting to see more and more signs here in our affluent community of effects the recession is having on families, businesses, and local government. Many of you are afraid. Fear is a powerful emotion, way mightier than the sword, in my opinion. But what I have found helps alleviate fear is knowledge. A better understanding of why something is the way it is may not cause our fear to go away, but it gives us hope that there is a path to getting where we really need to be. It's like having a wake-up call at one end of the problem, and an endgame at the other end.

When I was young, I would occasionally watch the Tonight Show with then host, Johnny Carson. One of the skits he did with side-kick, Ed McMahon, was as "Karnack, the mentatlist" . In it, Ed would hand Johnny a "hermetically sealed" envelope which he would place on his forehead. After a few seconds of thought, Karnack would reveal the answer to the question that was written inside the envelope - "Shogun". He would then open the envelope, then read the question aloud - "What's the first thing you do when you hold up a liquor store?.

So it is in life - we often receive a "priority mail delivery" in the form of a personal crisis or world event, that shakes us to our core. Then, we receive a revelation about what the endgame will be. It is our job to figure out the in-between.

Until next post, continue to believe, achieve, receive. SDG - JBHIV

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