Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remote Possibilities

Many of you have asked how you can participate in activities or projects that Women of Wealth are currently involved in, or are are now contemplating. I will be adding a section in the sidebar of this blog shortly that will allow interested followers an opportunity to receive email updates on a regular basis. As I come across interesting articles or projects looking for support, I will pass these along to those who sign up. Even though these groups may be scattered geographically, they may benefit by your support.

This blog and your participation in it is evidence that with today's technology, even remote participants can make a difference. This ability, coupled with a well thought out social biography, can magnify the impact Women of Wealth can have on their local community, and the world. There is a popular phrase "Think Globally, Act Locally". With a strong Moral Compass, and the capacity that wealth brings, it is possible to now "Think Locally, Act Globally", as well.

Please join us as we bring meaningful change into the lives of others.

Until next post, continue to achieve, believe, receive. SDG - JBHIV

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