Friday, March 6, 2009

The Financial Blood Bath and You

Once again the equities markets took a nosedive yesterday, as renewed fears gripped investors that the Banking Crisis is far from over. What does this mean to those of you looking for help to sort out the seemingly complicated scenario that is unfolding?

The short answer is: Don't panic. We already have enough of that going on. If you have not done so already you need to focus on getting together a personal plan of action, or executing on the one you have.

The long answer will continue to make itself apparent over the next few critical months. You may be called upon to make tremendous sacrifices. You may need to change your approach to money, and quite possibly your lifestyle. You may need to change your set of advisors if you do not get the straight answers you need - trust is the most important commodity now and it is in short supply.

Until next post, continue to achieve, believe, receive. SDG- JBHIV

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