Thursday, June 3, 2010

Branding Tips for WoW

In Tuesday's post I mentioned that so much of who we are and how we are perceived comes from the importance we place on leveraging our personal brand value.

After all, isn't life often reduced to a few paragraphs in an obituary or maybe an article if we are worthy enough to have one written posthumously!

How will your story be told? Who will read your social biography and come away with a true sense of who you were and why you mattered?

The often overused term "first impressions matter" is actually fairly accurate. Some statistics I have read claim that first impressions are made in the first 20 seconds, and a bad first impression takes 20 additional contacts to rectify that bad first impression.

Maybe that is why many cultures place such an emphasis on the use of customs such as gifting and the sharing of business cards.

What does your first impression say about you? One of my dearest friends and esteemed colleagues (and a terrific guest blogger!), Evie, presents a business card that was designed and printed by the prestigious Alpine Creative Group. Her logo is pictured above, and her card is printed on fine card stock, and nestled in a small envelope - very impressive.

Evie is an international spokes-model and cultural exchange diplomat and no doubt these cards come in handy when meeting dignitaries, celebrities, and Heads of State.

Maybe that is why Sean "p-diddy" Combs and LeBron James are listed as clients on the Alpine website along with numerous corporations, and the US Government.

Next week we will cover gifting and how wrapping a certain way can go a long way to a great first impression.

Until then, remember to Believe, Achieve, Receive. SDG, JBHIV

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