Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure (Island) - Paradise in Wakaya!

I am pre-empting today's usual post on Art & Collectibles to bring you a treasure of Mother Nature very few know about but many have dreamed about - Wakaya Private Island Resort. In the words of founders David and Jill Gilmour, " The more the world changes, the more we gravitate to places that don’t".

The Wakaya Club & Spa is situated on Wakaya Island, Fiji, a private 2,200 acre hideaway that is one of 333 islands that comprise the Fiji group. Wakaya Island is surrounded by a protected coral reef, and the island boasts serene lagoons, majestic cliffs and pristine white sand beaches.

Here, one needs no formal occasion—celebration is woven into the fabric of the day. It seems to be a Wakayan birth right.

The Wakaya Club & Spa offers an elegant yet casual backdrop for romance and celebration. Imagine an ecologically sensitive luxury resort offering unparalleled natural beauty in an intimate setting. The Wakaya Club & Spa extends a warm and gracious Fijian welcome on a privately owned 2,200-acre island with exceptional personal service and the finest cuisine in the South Pacific.

Romantic celebrations on Wakaya can include the following:

As a Woman of Wealth, this venue may very well be just what you need to bring some Romance back into your life or undergo a personal transformation/motivational makeover. Please contact them if you need more information, or drop me an email and I will give you more insight into this exclusive destination.

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