Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's Truths - Lillian Lincoln Lambert

JBHIV: So many of you enjoyed last week's Women of Courage post featuring Author, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur Lillian Lincoln Lambert, that I have asked her to be Special Guest Blogger for today's post. Here are her thoughts on staying true to yourself, through good times and bad:

The last couple of years have been tough times for many people – lost jobs, reduced pay, inability to maintain a standard of living – the list goes on. Some have weathered the storm and others have succumbed to the challenges they faced.

I offer some points to get through difficult times but they are also applicable in good times.

1. Be flexible with your plan. Planning is a tool to serve as a roadmap to get to your destination. It’s good to have a short term as well as a long term plan. However, your plans should not be set in concrete. They should serve as guides to give you direction. As you mature, face challenges, or have a change in the idea of where you want to go there may be the need to alter your plan. It is important to have that option as things change or new opportunities present themselves. Have enough leeway to make those changes and still arrive at your destination.

2. Don’t be afraid to move outside of your comfort zone. If what you have always done is not working, be willing to take calculated risks and try something new. Most people are reluctant to change because of uncertainty or the unfamiliar. While it is much easier to stay with the familiar there may become a time when change is indicated. Your field of expertise may be in a downturn and that may be just the time to look at a new area. Do the necessary research to get information you need to make you more comfortable then make your move.

3. Use your network. When I finished graduate school I was so anxious to get out and leave that environment, I never wanted to look back. Years later, I realized what a mistake that was. Many of my classmates could have been a real resource to me had I made the effort. Maintaining relationships from school, previous employment and even social contacts may pay off in ways you never expect, but you must feed your network.

4. Look on the bright side. Losing that job or not getting that promotion may be the impetus you need to explore other possible opportunities. Occasionally something that seems to be a disaster may actually be a blessing in disguise. I was able to convert my part-time business into a full-time one after I was fired from my full time job. Challenges frequently offer an opportunities and opportunities are likely to have challenges. Uncover them. Don’t throw a pity party or you may find you are the only one attending.

Dream big, act bold!

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