Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure

I have the good fortune of counting among my neighbors, Patricia Funt Oxman. You may recognize her maiden name as that of her father, Allen Funt, creator of the Candid Camera TV series which ran from 1948 up until a few years ago. A return of the show is in the works, I understand.

For over ten years she had Patricia Funt Gallery at 50 1/2 East 78th Street, off Madison Avenue in New York City. A fun and eclectic mix of antique objects, the shop was a favorite haunt of a number of celebrities, socialites and decorators.

After marrying an Englishman in the early 1990's, they moved, started a family and opened a new shop - Patricia Funt Antiques, on Main Street, New Canaan, in Connecticut.

Patricia still stocks her store with fun and interesting antiques. The shop is known for unusual objects for the collector, such as corkscrews, snuff boxes, matchsafes, Victorian jewelry and much more.Wood carvings are a favorite. There are always lots of Black Forest carvings and all sorts of objects in the form of animals. There are sporting collectibles, items for the table, including a large selection of napkin rings. There are military antiques, nautical antiques, royal commemoratives, children's pottery, miniature furniture and a wonderful, large collection of English Pond Yachts.

Patricia and I thought it might interest WWRG followers to dedicate Tuesday's blog post to the topic of collectors. Many of you are Art and Antique collectors, or have admired them.

So beginning next week, we will feature Patricia as guest blogger, who in addition to her business acumen, also has a knack for writing. She has graciously offered to share the many tales that only a woman growing up among the greatest celebrities, socialites, and dignitaries of the last century, can tell. She will also provide insight into what collectors may find interesting given the vast array of collectibles and collections available today.

I also encourage you to visit her website to view some of the items she has to offer.

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