Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday's Women of Courage - Donna Palomba

In last Thursday's Truth post, I highlighted some of the facts surrounding sexual abuse, and sexual violence.

The truth is what led Donna Palomba to found Jane Doe No More, Inc. Her story of abuse as a victim of sexual assault and the subsequent abuse she suffered through the process of investigation, has been chronicled on NBC's Dateline.

Her courage to stand up for what she knew was corrupt behavior on the part of the law enforcement team assigned to her case, led to legislation removing the statute of limitations on sexual crimes involving DNA evidence.

You can read her entire story by clicking here.

It is a both an honor and a privilege for me to serve on the board of JDNM. I hope each of you will consider joining our cause through your financial support, or by participating in one of our events scheduled throughout the year.

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