Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lifestyle Lifters with Evie

Since I received quite a few inquiries from our audience regarding Dr. Shirley Madhere’s Summer Essentials from Head to Toe, I thought I should follow-up and share some additional expert suggestions from the Renew Spa in New York City , located at 109 East 73rd Street between Park and Lexington Avenue , 212 452-1012, . If you do not live in New York , you can access Renew’s Web site for products and look for a spa in your area that may provide similar treatments.

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Facial skin: with warmer temps and higher humidity, switch your facial moisturizer from a cream to a lighter lotion or gel.

Thanks to modern facial skin care technology, the effects of aging on the skin caused by heredity, lifestyle, and environmental factors no longer have to be accepted as permanent. Today there are many facial rejuvenation options for individuals who would like to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, treat skin problems such as acne and rosacea, or enhance their facial skin care regimen to achieve a look that’s healthy and natural. We combine facial treatments with Renew Skin Care products which help to restore harmony and balance to your skin, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Try Renew’s UltraSerum and Anti-Oxidant Gel.

Neck and chest: these parts are often forgotten in the daily skin routine. Extend application of facial moisturizer and sunscreen onto the neck and skin. Wrinkles in the décolletage may sometimes be managed with Botox or Dysport injections.

Now that summer is here we all want to show off our beautiful bodies. We sometimes forget the delicate part around the neck and décolletage. At Renew we have made-to-measure treatments that address these areas. Microdermabrasion serves to effectively treat sun-damages skin and age spots. Ultrasound is then applied to increase the blood flow stimulating the production of collagen for improved strength and resiliency.

Also, remember your back is exposed………Back facial involves microdermabrasion to help treat the appearance of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, age spots and to help reduce the signs of aging skin. Followed with a deep pore cleansing and steam to life impurities, followed by gentle extractions. Treatment is completed with a relaxing customized mask.

Torso: one of the best ways to complement a bikini-ready body is to have a toned abdomen ("belly") by eating well. Increase your metabolism in part by increasing your intake of whole plant-based foods as green, leafy vegetables (for fiber and protein) and vibrantly colored fruit (for vitamins and antioxidants).

Micro Current treatments can be used to target specific areas including face, neck, abdominals, arms, breast, buttocks, legs and thighs. Cellulite reduction and lymphatic detoxification are also benefits incorporated in every treatment. Any inch loss achieved in this treatment is the result of actually working and tightening the muscles. Whether you’re looking to kick-start a slimming plan or tackle those stubborn inches that hours in the gym just won’t shift, this is the treatment that will get you started on a firmer, tighter and more youthful body.

Thighs: if cellulite is an issue, recognize that it is the result of a number of factors as stress, excess fat, variegated fat distribution (even in absence of excess fat!), reduced skin elasticity, decreased lymphatic circulation, and others. To manage cellulite in time to be "summer body ready," it is helpful to begin treatments at least 6-8 weeks in advance. In general, there are a number of therapies that may be undertaken together as a part of a complete protocol to help produce a better result, as liposuction, mesotherapy, skin tightening laser, manual lymphatic drainage, topical creams, nutritional adjustments, and stress management techniques.

Cellulite is a major cosmetic concern for most women. Significant reductions in cellulite and dimpling can be seen in as few as six treatments with the TriActive LaserDermology system. This non-invasive cosmetic treatment can greatly improve the appearance of afflicted skin. Plus, with regular maintenance treatments your skin will continue to look firmer, smoother and healthier than it has in years!

Dr Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage techniques involve application of a very light touch applied to the skin’s surface over the areas with lymph nodes on the body and face. This treatment relaxes the body, mind and spirit! Also acts as a non-surgical facelift because it helps to relax the facial muscles, smoothes wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Body skin: touchably soft skin is appealing in any season. Skin is your best "accessory," even as it is vitally important organ! Exfoliate skin of the body in the shower with a loofah at least once weekly and follow up with a moisturizer (daily) containing rich emollients (for added smoothness) or alpha hydroxy acids sloughing non-viable skin cells).

Used to improve circulation, exfoliate the skin and assist the process of fat and cellulite absorption, Dry Brushing is an easy addition to your body treatment. Using a natural bristle brush for gentle massage, treatment is completed with an Organic Peppermint and Lemon lotion to refresh and soften body and tired feet.

Feet: formaldehyde in nail lacquers may discolor nails. Allow your nails to "breathe" from time to time by getting a "bare pedicure", no polish. Also, wearing flip flops potentially exposes feet to more elements-- environmental and non! Prevent cracked heels, which may pose a risk for infection, by keeping feet clean, and moisturized.

Keep your feet cool, hydrated and soft this summer. Have Renew’s cooling peppermint foot therapy.

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