Friday, June 18, 2010

TGIF - Today is International Picnic Day!

Yes, it is true. There is a holiday for everything! So if where you are today brings weather favorable for a picnic, may I suggest you pack up the Rolls, and head to the nearest exclusive and private venue you can find.

Because now there is a true "Rolls-Royce" of picnic baskets, pictured here.

Called the Picnic Cabinet Set, it's made from wood and leather and is equipped to serve four people. Featuring crockery and eating utensils, it is a beautiful little thing.

Sixty centimetres high, in a clever little move you can also shift the pieces around to release a chopping board.

The front sports the marque's emblem and it's exclusively available through Rolls-Royce private commission.

Too bad that Barney's of New York no longer offers its Ultimate Picnic which included a magnum of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial, four tulip flutes, and two lacquered picnic boxes filled with an assortment of savory and sweet treats—from mini lobster wraps and smoke salmon mousse to pink chocolate-dipped strawberries and pink truffles. At $1,500, this was a small price to pay considering the price of a Rolls and it's matching basket.

But for those us who like the finer things in life, a Rolls-Royce Picnic may very well make today the best holiday of the year!

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