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Lifestyle Lifters - Evie on Absolute Passion

Life is a journey filled with a variety of emotions. My wish for all of you , is that in your lifetime you experience

ABSOLUTE PASSION “ . Today I bring you Absolute Passion by EvieVision . For more stories and videos on Passion Romance Fashion visit the “ theater “ and the “garden” at . Till next week …… Enjoy Life , Evie.

What is absolute passion?

Absolute passion is inevitable meetings in lucid dreams, flying high through boundless skies, waltzing barefoot on the linoleum, licking each other is wounds, making love in the afternoon. Every morning awakening through sleep is bleary eyes, passions growing stronger every time; a shining smile alighting the senses, cosmic mirror of translucent eyes revealing fantasies lived last night. Peace and joy at each other is hands. Absolute passion exists in a realm beyond space and time, before you are even aware of its existence it is aware of you.

Absolute passion is an axiom; it simply is.

Otherworldly, intangible, indescribable, inscrutable, je ne sais quoi; the most intricately twisted pattern of subtleties, nuances and minute obscurities, knitted into a gorgeously delectable and completely unknowable entity. Ephemeral beyond rational perception, indivisible; do not try to deconstruct it, just be with it. Let it resonate through your soul like a thousand singing ohms, a vibrating tickle within your neurons.

Absolute passion is a work in progress, an emotional story between a woman and her lover forever unfolding; fluid, morphing, forming and re-forming, converging and merging into one, a journey that is its own reward.

Absolute passion is timeless, formless, senseless, filling the void, bringing stability to wandering souls, rooting and giving faith in the omnipotence of immortal love.

Aaah, love etc without love absolute passion doesn't exist, it cannot subsist, it sputters and fades. With love, absolute passion is eternal; a most ravishing gift from the beyond, the purest spark of fire, internal oceanic rush, release of electron storm.

Never confuse passion with sex. Absolute passion is the ultimate quest. It takes great strength to surrender to vulnerability. Never confuse vulnerability with weakness, it is your greatest asset.

Absolute passion transforms kissing into poetry, hanging on lips like harmonious mantras, on the neck like insatiable goose bumps, on the chest like effortless meditation, on the thighs like honeydew, delicious, extraordinary, precious. Even after long years together the belly still flips in an endless game of wily sensuality, enticement and acquiescence.

Absolute passion is the rarest of faunas, the infinity line where the sea becomes the horizon, mystical threads tying relationships together. You need only have faith in the intangible and reach out for it. Absolute passion is the interplay, mergence of opposites, both pacifying and electrifying, ying-yanging forces in a mysterious impulsive cobweb, mutable, malleable, elemental.

It is salty and sweet rolled into one, light and dark, adventure and rest; a symphony of inexhaustible energies bouncing off each other, the rhythmic dance that guides.

Absolute passion is the apex of emotion, beyond desire and lust, the invisible tie that binds.

Embrace your absolute passion and do not fear it, release it into the universe. Share your warmth, your wants and desires, your emotional scars, your soft side. Lavish your lover with little secrets, reveal your sweet spots and hidden tickle lines, divulge the ceaseless valleys of your mind. Accept the beautiful challenge to discover your lover for the rest of your lives and continue to write your ecstatic story together. Make every kiss like the first time.

Do you dare?

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